Intelligent Physiotherapy Tracker

AI-powered physiotherapy tracker specially designed for you

What is Pfit Physio?

Rehab exercises are crucial part of the rehabilitation process after an injury. 

As a physiotherapists, you want to keep track of exercise and postures of your multiple clients. 

As a person performing physiotherapy, you want perform it as directed by the physiotherapist.

However, ignoring correct postures and techniques can lead to unnecessary injuries and long-term health effects.

Pfit Physio helps track the movements and postures from the perspective of both the physiotherapists and the patients. It uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and tracks the movements in real-time.

This allows people to train more efficiently and safely without the need to have a physiotherapist with them at all times.

Who are we?

We are a digital health company from the beautiful southern Sweden. We develop data-driven products to improve health and fitness of people. Right now, we are working on an artificial intelligence-powered physiotherapy tracker called Pfit Physio.

Pfit begins

Pfit begins

Pfit begins as part of a university course

Hello Think!

Hello Think!

Pfit joins the venerable THINK Accelerate program and moves to Helsingborg

HealthTech Nordic

HealthTech Nordic

Pfit becomes a member of HealthTech Nordic.


Pfit Physio uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and deep learning models.


It includes a platform for physiotherapists to monitor their patients and mobile apps for patients to use.


It comes with an easy-to-wear sensory device.

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