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We are a digital health startup company from the beautiful southern Swedish town of Kristianstad. We are currently being incubated at THINK Accelerate in Helsingborg. We are a team of software engineers, hardware engineers, and interaction designers, with a variety of expertise.

Pfit Physio is an artificial intelligence physiotherapy tracker. It uses sensors placed in different parts of the upper body to monitor exercises. Both physiotherapists and patients can benefit from using Pfit Physio. Physiotherapists can use the platform to assign exercise regimen to the patients. They can monitor the patients’ exercise and posture remotely. Patients can use the companion app along with the sensors to track their own regimen.

You can purchase any number of Pfit Physio units directly from us. You will receive a software platform to assign exercises to your patients and monitor their performance. You will also receive the sensor units that you can provide to your patients for them to take along. We also provide setup support and training to the physiotherapy staff.

You will receive a Pfit Physio from your physiotherapist. You can download Pfit Physio companion app in your phone. Your physiotherapist will assign the exercises that you need to do. You will see those exercises, the way to do them, and the number of times you have to do them in the app. If you have any query, you can also send a message to the physiotherapist directly.

Physiotherapists will select different exercises that patients need to perform using the physiotherapist platform. They can also assign the number of repetitions and the time the exercises need to be done. The patients use the companion app to view the exercises, the way to perform them, and related information.

You can directly contact our sales team via the contact form.

We are always looking for talented and highly motivated people to join our team. If you love to create exciting products that combines data, artificial intelligence, health, and fitness, then please drop us a mail with your résumé here.

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